How We Started

In simple terms, Aplicondo started with the idea that managing properties could be easier. So, we created a powerful software to make property management smoother for both property managers and residents. What makes us different is that we always try to come up with new and better ways to help.

But we didn't stop there. We know that managing a property is only part of the picture. We want to make residents' lives better by connecting them with useful services like house cleaning or food delivery. Our goal is not just to make property management efficient, but to make it a genuinely enjoyable experience for everyone.

At Aplicondo, we're not just a regular company. We're on a mission to bring positive changes to the property management industry. We're enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated to creating a better future for both property managers and residents. Our aim is to build communities where people support each other and come together!

Try Our Service!
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